Savoury Protein Breakfast Muffins

I totally invented this, using some eggy omlette-type muffin things I’ve been baking recently as a basis (a sort of crustless quiche and I’ll share that with you soon too).  Really was a bit of a experiment but I’m pleased to say they worked out!  Perfect for a post-gym time breakfast, on the go due to the addition of protein powder.  These freeze well and are perfect for breakfast on the go!  Just defrost over night and Bob’s your uncle.

Today I ate 2 with half an Avacado on the side

Ingredients (makes 6 large muffins) 

5 eggs (NB always try to use free-range and the Omega rich ones are even better!)

1/4 cup of ground flaxseed (available in Holland and Barrett, Waitrose, Whole Foods etc)

1/2 cup of Pulsin Pea Protein Isolate (bought on a complete whim from Whole Foods last week, and no it doesn’t taste of peas, it is tasteless)

1 cup water (or enough to get a non too stodgy batter consistency)

2 cooked shredded turkey steaks

Diced tomatoes, wilted spinach, herbs to flavour (herbs de Provence and parsley above!)


Pre-heat oven to 180C.  Whisk the eggs in a large bowl, and add the flax, herbs,  protein powder.  The mixture should be quite thick and gloopy.   Add water so that the mixture thins to a batter.  Grease well a cup-cake baking tray (I use the silicone trays, and olive oil spray).  Put a little of the mixture in each case, then add the tomatoes, shredded turkey and wilted spinach.  Then top up each case, so that the fillings are covered.

Bake in the oven for 40-45 minutes at 180C (or till the tops are browned and a knife comes out clean).


Addition of pepper (the Capsicum type not black) would work well, or Prawns.  Experience tells me that watery veg such as courgettes and mushrooms don’t work well, especially when you freeze the muffins, as they defrost all funny.

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