Italian Goodies

So I’m back from my little holiday in Italy, and along with lots of un-paleo eating;  pasta, lasagne, bread, ice-cream, milk chocolate, pizza, limoncello (yes I am human after all), I found time to go to the supermarket to get some goodies for my Paleo creations back at home.  I didn’t have much room in my suitcase as it was already full of clothes that I didn’t wear, but I did find room for a few bits and pieces – some chestnut flour, lemon-infused olive oil, sun-dried tomato paste and some 70% chocolate .

Shopping in foreign supermarkets is always so much more fun that in the UK and I could spend hours wandering looking at the different and fantastic things on offer – it’s a shame I couldn’t bring back the delicious seafood (can you imagine prawns and squid in a suitcase – ewww!), or the jars of home-made pesto, or litres of red wine…

Anyway, am most excited about the chestnut flour as it’s not generally available in supermarkets in the UK (in comparison I found this in the small local Co-op for just over €3).  I’ve found a great recipe for a Tuscan Chestnut Cake, which I will attempt in the near future,  it  also contains pine-nuts and rosemary, even though it’s a cake!  The flour itself is naturally sweet so no extra honey required, and as the flour is purely ground from chestnuts it’s completely Paleo friendly.

The tomato paste will I’m sure be great with courgette linguine, or inside a chicken breast – let’s wait and see.

I’ve been using the lemon-oil for a while and I’ll be taking this extra bottle to work as a gift to my colleagues to drizzle on their (and my of course) lunchtime salads.  It is delicious 🙂 The chocolate was eaten today in 5 minutes flat….


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