Herb and Salad Garden

On my recent trip to Italy, I absolutely loved the fact that my uncle and aunty could just grab basil and fresh lemons from their garden whenever they wanted to!  Since I don’t have a garden, growing tomatoes or lemon trees is just not an option. I do however have 2 window boxes, which I had a failed attempt at growing some rocket and chilli in 2 years ago.  Failed mainly because I planted in a hot August and didn’t water them properly… Anyway, thought I owed myself another go, so today I went to Columbia Road Flower Market and bought a selection of herbs and some Salad leaves – all for the bargain price of £10.  Thought I’d try from plants this time instead of from seed.

Bit busy!  Not really a stress free place to go for a wander on a Sunday lunchtime!  Anyway, I then found some compost in Sainsbury’s of all places, along with a trowel and fork thingy.  When I got home I planted them and cleared up within about an hour! I’d been putting this off for so long cos I thought it would be a long task…. Turns out not so.  Now all I have to do is keep them all alive and I’ll be dreaming up new recipes in no time at all!

Top picture:  L-F  Rocket, Basil, Basil, Coriander

Bottom picture:  A variety of spicy mixed salad greens

I LOVE Coriander, and once said that “I’d never marry someone who didn’t like coriander” – one of those stupid banal office discussions, as 2 of my friends think coriander tastes like smelly feet…. Anyway – will look fwd to throwing it in my curries if I don’t kill it first!


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