Ingredient of the week: Almond Butter

In order to keep me trying new things, and to keep tantalising my (and yours hopefully)  taste buds I’m going to aim to try one new Paleo friendly ingredient or product each week, which I will report back on.  This could be an ingredient new to me which I will try out in a recipe (new things in the last 6 months include Coconut oil, Kale, Plantain and Macadamia nuts for example).  It could also be a new product which is ready to eat from the packet (such as Booja-Booja ice-cream or Nakd bars – mmmm).

I have tried SO many new things over the last 6 months, its been a very steep learning curve and a deliciously exciting journey.  I’m looking forward to the continuation of the culinary adventures….

First up…

Almond Butter

Product description:  Almonds roasted in their natural brown skins before being ground to a new texture.

I had first seen Almond Butter mentioned on lots of other cooking blogs all over the internet.  I had absolutely no idea what it was but assumed it was something similar to Peanut Butter (duh…).  I have never liked peanuts, so this sort of product wasn’t something I am used to.  Anyway, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to give it a go.  It is absolutely delicious and there are so many things you can do with it.  If you’ve been scanning my recipes you will see that I use it in a range of different recipes – from the base to a stir-fry/curry sauce to mixing it with avocado in my breakfast, to using in in place of tahini in a dip.  There are lots of baking recipes out there which use the stuff, and another really tasty snack is a piece of fruit such as a pear or apple cut in half and spread with the stuff.  I would also eat it out of the jar all day long if I could….  Trouble is that is the equivalent to eating about a gazillion almonds which wouldn’t exactly be the best plan for your health.  Even healthy ingredients become unhealthy if you over eat them…

The product I have in my cupboards at the moment is by Meridian.  The Organic version tastes much better than the no-organic one and is worth the extra few pennies.  Apparently nuts and seeds are often overly treated with crop pesticides hence organic and therefore un-treated is usually better..  It does have a little added salt for some reason, which means that this version is better for savoury dishes.  I don’t like to add too much salt to my diet, but as this is minimal I figure that’s OK – if you’re using it in a savoury dish I definitely wouldn’t add more salt for seasoning.

There are lots of other manufacturers out there too, and a range of different flavour nut butters. – Cashew Butter and Rainforest nut butter (a mix of Brazil, Macadamia and Cashew) are my favourites.  Whole Foods have the best range, and recently its been on special offer a lot ( I do love a bargain!) as well as other health food shops and retailers- Planet Organic etc.  I’ve never had much luck at finding it in Holland and Barrett though.   Let’s start a campaign to get it on the supermarket shelves!



3 thoughts on “Ingredient of the week: Almond Butter

  1. Vickii

    I’ve never tried almond butter but I can’t wait to, I just know I’ll love it as I’m obsessed with peanut butter! You know you can make your own nut butters if you have a food processor? I think the basic gist is your nuts go into the processor and you trickle the oil in till you have your nut butter texture. Plus I believe you can add chocolate to it – I’m not a pro (as I’m lacking a food processor at present) but lots of blogs have specific recipes.

    1. Ceri Post author

      With chocolate Vickii??? Wow I like your style sounds yummy. In whole foods in Kensington they have machines that make a variety of nut butters there freshly (Pistachio and Cashew, and Almond)! I think I need to invest in a better food processor so I can make it myself, though then I’d definitely never stop eating it!!

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