Tuna and Avocado Nori Wraps

I was asked last week, what I throw together when I get in late and I’m desperate for something quick, healthy, yet delicious to eat.  So here’s the answer – ‘Tuna and Avocado Nori Wraps’.

From this.

into this…

Sometimes you just want to eat something with your fingers, like you would a sandwich, and for me this is a brilliant substitute.   I actually I had this for lunch at work today – yes made in my kitchen whilst onlookers asked if I was really rolling sushi in the office kitchen.   Yum!

I nearly always have all of these ingredients ready and lurking in my cupboards (thinking about it now, maybe that’s for a subconscious reason!).  The Sushi wraps can be found in most large supermarkets, which often have International food sections and they are dead cheap too.  Tuna – well I know it isn’t as perfect as a responsibly sourced organic salmon fillet or an organic free-range chicken breast, but sometimes you just need to have something ready in your cupboard and for me, Tuna does the job (always choose canned in spring water rather than in brine due to salt).  I live off avocado and carrots as snacks so they’re always lurking around, and well we all know I’m addicted to adding Tahini to everything (oops maybe I should do something about that).  Hey presto the components of my wraps, ready to roll into a meal in about 60 seconds….


  • 1 tin of tuna (in spring water)
  • Avocado
  • Grated carrot
  • tsp Tahini paste
  • spalsh of Tamari (wheat free soy sauce)
  • 3 sheets of Nori
  • Spinach leaves
  • Cherry tomatoes


  • Mix drained tin of tuna with the mashed avocado, Tahini, Tamari, grated carrot
  • Take Nori sheet and spread 1/3 of mixture along bottom, add a few spinach leaves
  • Roll up, and seal by wetting the top edge
  • Cut in half
  • Put on plate with a few cherry tomatoes
  • A tasty light meal in less than 5 mins
You can absolutely mix this up to your hearts content, use left over roast chicken, flaked fish as the protein, a different dip for the avocado bit (Broccoli and Courgette Houmous, Butternut Squash DipBroccomole I know works well cos I’ve tried it!) add sliced bell peppers, cucumber or celery!

3 thoughts on “Tuna and Avocado Nori Wraps

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  2. Jackie

    I’ve had your nori rolls with fish accompanied by broccoli humous and salad…… very tasty! So clever and original. I also love nori so was always going to be a winner.

    I have made the broccoli humous a couple of times, which has always gone down well with people who’ve had it.
    Love the recipes… keep em coming!
    Thanks Ceri!


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