Right now I’m loving – Flavouring my water with….

Fresh Lime, mint and cucumber!

As much as I love a chilled glass of filtered (!) pure water, it does get a bit boring after a while doesn’t it?  So when I bought a mint plant last week (still alive on my windowsill a week later – result) I decided to pull off a few leaves and stick it in with my usual wedge of lime as well as some slices of refreshing cucumber – well it works in a jug of Pimms doesn’t it?

It is really refreshing, has a very subtle flavour and is also alkalising.  This coming from someone who 2 years ago used to go through 2 bottles of sugar free (read aspartame filled) squash concentrate a week, as well as numerous cans of diet coke…

Other things I like to put in my water are wedges of lemon and chunks of fresh ginger (also great in warm water).  The chef on my yoga holiday would also put chunks of pear or apple peel, which is something I’ll be trying soon.  Helping you well on your way to 2 litres a day.   I just can’t get enough of this right now!


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