Right now I’m loving – Curly Kale

Right now I’m absolutely loving curly kale. I’d forgotten how much I like this veg till I bought a bag this week and used it in my christmas stir fry (recipe to follow) as well as a bacon one below.

As a leafy green vegetable kale is sooooo good for you, even better than spinach if that’s possible. (I sometimes get stuck in a spinach rut !).  Best used lightly steamed or stir fried to retain the nutrients.

A very quick dish I made this week; – toasted cashew and almonds in a wok, remove and bashed them to pieces, then stir fried in a little coconut oil some bacon (pref organic and nitrate free if you can but I know from experience that it’s hard to come by in a high street supermarket), followed by organic mushrooms, some kale, a little water to help steam the kale and a dollop of sundried tomato paste. When the kale had wilted I tossed the nuts back in and served.

So simple –  fast food yet totally deeelish.

Bacon and Kale stir fry

Christmas stir fry


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