Green Feast – Week 1

Those of you who follow my twitterings on twitter will be aware that as of the 2nd January I have been on a clean and nourishing eating regime. Excessive December took its toll of my waistline, my digestion, my recurring acne (yes even though I am nearly 30) my mood and after the Christmas sugar ‘binge’ I was finding it incredibly difficult to get a grip back to my usual diet.

So for the whole of January I’ve commited to cleaning up and focussing on plenty of leafy green veg, good quality proteins and smart fats. I’m also trying to snack less as I tend to snack before, whilst cooking, in between and after meals…  Reducing the constant eating should rev up my metabolism and allow my digestive system plenty of time to deal with what I’m throwing at it on a daily basis. I am also avoiding eggs, nuts and seeds as it’s possible they may be the reason I have general ongoing digestive discomfort (not related to Christmas overeating) and of course starches and sugar are off the menu.  Sounds dull?  Au contraire… Over the next few weeks i’ll be sharing with you my ideas for simple meals that I have constructed and devoured and all packed full of taste!

I’m one week in already and can honestly say the utter bloated grossness I felt on boxing day has been kicked into oblivion. Get in!  Just a few more weeks of concentrated effort and those muffin tops, with a chocolate log on each side decorated by a string of Cadbury’s Roses will be banished forever (or until next December 😉 ) But most of all I pray for clear skin and a spring in my step.

Advice on my regime has come from friend and trainer/nutritionist Keris of Fitter London.  For more ideas on how to have a fantastic January take a read of this Fitter London blog article also written by Keris.

My green feast week in pictures

  • Dinner – Organic lamb steaks with spinach, steamed courgettes and broccoli, drizzled with flax seed oil.
  • To make the marinade I diced 2 garlic cloves and mixed with a squeeze of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and some fresh rosemary. This was rubbed into the steaks before griddling on an oiled hot pan.

  • Lunch – leftovers with the addition of half an avocado.

  • Dinner – half an oven roasted spatch-cooked Poussin with spiralised courgettes & shredded spinach leaves in a rocket and watercress pesto.
  • To make the pesto I blended a few handfuls of fresh rocket and watercress with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and crushed garlic cloves. I poured this over the spiralised courgettes once they had been warmed through in a wok then added the shredded spinach leaves and stirred through over the heat for a minute or so.

  • Lunch – leftovers with the addition of half an avocado.

  • Dinner – 2 small oven roasted plaice fillets with steamed kale, grated cucumber, a little grated ginger and Wasabi dressing.
  • To make the dressing I mixed up 1/4 tsp of wasabi powder with 1/2 tsp of warm water till it formed a paste, then blended (with the back of a teaspoon) in some hemp oil, a splash of tamari and some additional water for fluidity.

  • Breakfast – Wild prawns on a bed of watercress and rocket, half an avocado and drizzled with flax oil.

  • Lunch – Out with my work colleagues for our annual Christmas lunch at the St Pancras Grand  Restaurant.
  • Plaice with steamed kale, drizzled with my own request of olive oil instead of the lemon butter the menu was offering (took me a while to get there but got it in the end).  This was the only thing I could choose to have from the set menu and I was bummed that it was the same as what I had cooked myself the previous evening – Except look how much smaller that portion of kale was compared to what I served up last night!
  • I also had an un-pictured starter – a weeny Waldorf salad with leaves & topped with smoked mackerel.

  • Light dinner – Wild salmon and artichoke pate with cucumber dippers and rocket (for decoration purposes)
  • To make the pate sauté some minced garlic in a little olive oil then add a drained 340g tin of artichokes.  Whizz the artichoke mix in a blender with a 180g tin of skinless and boneless wild red salmon, a squeeze of lemon juice, a little extra virgin olive oil, parsley (pref fresh), 1/4 tsp wasabi powder, and a good dose of black pepper.  I think I could improve this recipe so will work on it for a full blog post in the future!

  • Lunch  – left over pate scooped up with chicory leaves, cucumber dippers, some watercress, rocket for decoration and drizzled with flax oil.

  • Dinner – Wild prawns, kale chips, cucumber, watercress and rocket, broccomole dip
  • To make the kale chips, I placed baked the raw kale (sprinkled with Himalayan salt and hemp oil)  in the oven for just 10 minutes on a low temp of 140-150 degrees.  It tastes amazing!
  • To make the broccomole dip, blend some steamed broccoli with avocado, cold pressed oil of choice, lemon/lime juice, seasoning and raw garlic.  This is a variation on my fist broccomole dip I made a while back.
  • To eat this I mixed it all up together – a bit of kale with prawn and the dip makes a winning combination!

  • Lunch – peppered mackerel with a side of green leaves (watercress, spinach and rocket) with 1/4 avocado, cucumber, celery and drizzle with flax oil.
  • Dinner – Sirloin steak (with the same marinade as I used for the lamb) griddled, and served with kale chips, steamed broccoli and a little celery.

  • Lunch – Chicory, celery and wild prawns, drizzled with flax oil and cracked black pepper.

I am also drinking lots – I start the day (as I always have done ) with hot water and lemon, then throughout the day Pukka Clean Greens and lots of herbal and a few green teas. I may do a post in future with details of all my favourite teas. I have a bit of obsession with constantly buying new flavours before I have finished the previous boxes!

For some unpictured breakfasts I have chosen a protein shake – blending a scoop of Vanilla Sunwarrior Vegan Protein powder, with Kara Coconut Milk , tsp Maca and cinnamon powders with some melted coconut oil for satiety.  I am also under a nutritionists guidance experimenting with a hormone balancing ‘EstroBalance’ shake for breakfast.  I must stress that I have undertaken this change in my diet under a nutritionists guidance – this blog post is merely a base for my meal ideas and should you wish to carry out something similar yourself please consult a nutritionist before hand.  I can highly recommend Keris Marsden  from Fitter London.

Check in for more ideas next week….


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