Green Feast – Week 2

OK so I’ll be the first to admit it. This week has been tough, so many things have happened that I would usually celebrate or commiserate with the aid of sugary food and wine and I haven’t been able to – I’ve temporarily moved to my Mum’s house, which means a far longer commute to work, in the middle of the week very sadly my Grandma passed away, then on Friday I at last exchanged contracts on a new flat.  What a range of emotions!   However I’ve religiously stuck to the plan, and am honestly feeling about a zillion times better for it, specifically not using food as a comfort for my emotions has been an eye-opener.  However I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that one lunchtime wander at work I did nearly loose the plot when I passed the confectionery aisle in the supermarket, and watching a celebrity cake-baking programme this week was self induced torture 🙂

However now that I’ve gotten to the end of week 2 I can’t quite believe how far I’ve come since Christmas. The ongoing supply of food in my office which used to distract me on a daily basis has become easy to ignore and I don’t even want to snack any more.  My concentration at work has improved no end, and my mood too, more please!

Anyway… Here’s a summary of some meals I’ve thrown together.

My green feast week 2 in pictures

  • Dinner – Roast gammon joint, with fennel and leeks roasted in olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, plus steamed pointed green cabbage and broccoli….And yes I went back for a little more meat and greens!  The roasted fennel was amazing, and a first cooking attempt by me am going to have this again!
  • Lunch – moving day so time for a quick Spanish tapas lunch with my housemate in Rebatos (Lambeth, London) after cleaning the house from top to bottom. Possibly not the best choice of food, but managed to stick loosely to the guidlines. I also ate far too much!! I had some green salad, spinach cooked in garlic and chilli, suckling pig liver panfried in garlic and garlic/chilli prawns. One word – garlic!!!, and I’m sure those oils weren’t all top quality.  It was delicious nevertheless, especially that liver and I keep reading how we should be eating more organ meats…

  • Dinner – Stir fried free range pork loins marinated in chili flakes, olive oil, dried coriander leaves and seasoning. Cooked with onion, fresh ginger, shredded pointed cabbage, kale, touch of grated creamed coconut and splash of coconut milk.
  • Lunch – Left over gammon sliced up in a salad with rocket/watercress, stir-fried courgettes, cucumber, celery, half an avocado and dressed with flax oil. I was very full after this!
  • I stir fried the courgette in coconut oil whilst making the pork stir fry the previous evening.  I am trying to be organised or else I will be eating cold cucumber and bags of supermarket lettuce all week!

  • Dinner – Spoke to soon on the organised… I needed a quick light bite between work and my weekly nutrition course lecture but I didn’t have enough time to sort something proper out. I ended up dashing into Sainsbury’s and grabbing the quickest and easiest thing to eat – a packet of prawns and some leaves. I wish I had a supply of oil in my handbag to dress it with – Oh well point lesson learnt – get organised..  It filled the little hole anyhow.

  • Lunch – A far more satisfactory meal than last night created in my office kitchen. I flaked a peppered smoked mackerel fillet over a salad of rocket/watercress, some steamed stemmed broccoli and the rest of the courgettes and celery I had brought to leave in the office fridge the day before.  I finished it all off with some flax oil dressing and a squeeze of lime juice.

  • Dinner – Salmon fillet baked in wasabi (a little of my new wasabi powder mixed with water and lemon juice) with steamed kale and leek topped with wasabocado dressing (half avocado mashed and mixed with 1/4 tsp wasabi powder, 2tsps hemp oil, lemon juice, water).  This ‘wasabocado’ dressing apart from looking a little like green snot is absolutely the bomb.  A great way of giving food SO much flavour.

  • Lunch – A work lunch out again this week as we had new staff members starting/leaving . I didn’t want to miss out so asked the restaurant before hand if they’d be able to cater for me.  A resounding thumbs up for Rotunda, King’s Cross. It was a special 2 courses for £10 deal.  Both courses were nice and small so probably equivalent in size to one of my usual meals.  I started with smoked salmon topped with leaves, cucumber and radish relish, then grilled cornish Mackerel (totally delicious) with curly lettuce and a little spoldge of what I believe was an aubergine and lime pickle.

  • Dinner – Pan fried tilapia fillet (thanks to the TV programme Masterchef I now know how to cook fish properly – oil and season the fish not the pan and start skin side down, only turn once!)  I served this on a bed of watercress/rocket, with leeks, Brussels sprouts and celery steamed with a little garlic.  I drizzled hemp oil and balsamic vinegar on the finished dish.  Random but good!

  • Lunch – Exactly as dinner last night but with flax oil dressing instead (as that is what lives in my work fridge).  I added half an avocado too as I tend to be rather more hungry at lunchtimes.

  • Dinner – I was working late at the Southbank Centre this evening, so a quick dash to Feng Sushi  for a take-away.  Sashimi is a perfect option so I chose ‘Yellowtail Upside Down’.  This was cucumber discs with yellowtail sashimi topped with salad of wakame, pickled jalapeno, coriander and yuzu kimchee dressing (Yuzu is a citrus fruit and kimchee is fermented cabbage I think).   I ended up topping it off with the rest of the half an avocado that was in my handbag.  Really yummy and boy those jalapeno’s were hot!

  • Lunch – Saturday lunchtime and time to experiment a little in the kitchen after a trip to the supermarket.  I made up a scrummy Duck liver Pate, which I served with celery and cucumber dippers.  I’ll be blogging the full recipe soon – very easy it was too!
  • Dinner  – Beef tagliata, with rocket, griddled asparagus and avocado salad.  Topped with olive oil dressing.  This tagliata was a recipe I stole and amended slightly from ‘Heston & Waitrose’ which is available on you-tube.
  • To cook the beef  – roll it out nice and thin under cling film with a rolling pan, then sear on a griddle pan.  Remove the beef, add more olive oil, rosemary sprigs, whole garlic cloves, lemon zest and juice, balsalmic vinegar to the pan and cook out for a few minutes.  Pass this through a sieve and then pour the dressing over the beef, and use it to dress the salad.
  • I also made some sweet potato chips, and griddled tomatoes for the other dinners.  Nice aren’t I.  I did also go back for a little more as there was some going 😉
So a mixed bag this week whilst learning lots about the way my body responds to food and manages hunger.  Tune in next week for the next instalment!

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