Green Feast – Week 3

From painstakingly watching the day count slowly tick over this last week has simply flown by as I’ve become less aware of where I am in the process.  I can’t say I’m not gagging for a glass of wine or some dark chocolate still though… Roll on 1st February!!

I feel so much slimmer and bouncier although am still working hard on improving the quality of my skin.   The spots are going to take a long time to heal, and I’m trying all sorts of natural beauty products to assist.  A weekly Indian clay mask and using apple cider vinegar as a daily toner is really helping – yes really don’t laugh (like my sister did!)  See my friend Adura’s blog for more info on the mask.

Here is a summary of my tasty food from this week, minus a few meals when I was away from home.  The food when I was away wasn’t a shining example of what to eat, so I haven’t included it, although I didn’t do too badly considering.

  • Dinner – Organic grilled lamb steaks marinated in grainy mustard mixed with a little apple cider vinegar. Served with steamed kale, asparagus and broccoli, drizzled with flax oil.

  • Lunch – left-over lamb steaks, broccoli and kale (I made too much the previous eve on purpose) with the addition of rocket and half an avocado.  Drizzled in flax oil.

  • Dinner – Out with friends at Strada.  Had a delicious salmon salad and I asked for broccoli instead of the green beans (they are a legume).  I also requested nothing was cooked in butter. It was drizzled in a basil/olive oil.   This was totally delicious and proves you can have a lovely ‘detox’ evening eating out if you’re happy to ask for what you’d like.

  • Lunch – On Sunday afternoon I had made up some of my Thai Turkey Burgers for lunches in the week.  I like this recipe as the curry paste is sticky enough to mean that eggs aren’t required to bind the meat. I made & cooked 3 from a 500g pack of free-range turkey meat, kept 1 for today and the other for the freezer for future.  Served with steamed kale, rocket, avocado and I couldn’t resist adding a dollop of my duck liver pate as it was in the fridge..

  • Dinner – Not wanting to be caught out on the way to college again I used my girl guides motto – ‘be prepared’ ! I had put some of the duck liver pate I made on Saturday into a separate small pot so it could be easily eaten as finger food with the celery and cucumber dippers I had also packed.

  • Lunch – An easy ‘office kitchen’ lunch using kale, rocket, celery, avocado and a peppered mackerel fillet.

  • Dinner – a very quick rustling up whilst my uncle made pizza 😦 .  I steamed some leeks, spinach and celery with garlic and topped with a baked plaice fillet drizzled with olive oil, thick balsamic vinegar and chilli flakes.

  • Lunch.  Saturday morning I caught an episode of Rachel Allen’s cooking programme and in it she made this ceviche with pollock.  It inspired me to rustle up a quick lunch but with a tin of tuna as that was all I had.  Sorry I didn’t take a photo of my dish.
  • To make… Squeeze fresh lime juice over a drained tin of tuna, and mix in chilli flakes (or fresh) with cucumber chunks, avocado chunks, hemp oil and seasoning.  I served this on top of some spinach leaves.
  • Dinner  – Baked plaice on a bed of steamed leeks and celery, with rocket baby leaf salad.  Once assembled top with mustard dressing (grainy mustard, splash of kara coconut milk, lemon juice, hemp oil, black pepper).

  • Dinner – Free range pork loin, grilled with marinade of lemon and fresh sage from the garden (burnt whilst multitasking looking for furniture on the internet…) with balsamic and olive oil roasted fennel, leeks, onion & steamed broccoli.

Well that’s my summary from this week.  Just over 1 week to go of this strict regime, then I’ll be starting to add back in some starches and other veg I’ve been missing… I literally can’t wait to eat some butternut squash again.  How sad is that??


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