Right now I’m loving – Wasabi Powder

Right now, I’m absolutely loving using this Wasabi Powder in my cooking.   It adds so much flavour, but beware – if you’ don’t like that feeling when something is so spicy it goes straight up your nose, then stay away!

Wasabi paste is usually found in Japanese cooking, and most people will be familiar with it from eating sushi or Wasabi flavoured peas.  Wasabi is Japanese horseradish.   The paste is often served in a little packet along side pickled ginger and soy sauce with your sushi, or sometimes a dollop of it is put inside the sushi rice.  Anyway, most wasabi paste that I have seen to date is loaded with unfriendly ingredients such as oils and E-numbers so I usually avoid it.  I saw this in the supermarket and decided to give it a go as it is completely natural and solely contains wasabi in its powder form.  It can be made up into a paste by adding water.  It is made by the organic brand Clearspring and can be found in all manner of health food shops such as Whole Foods or Planet Organic.  I found mine in Waitrose.

My favourite thing to make with it so far has been Wasabocado dressing, and here’s how.


  • 1/4 tsp wasabi powder
  • water
  • half a ripe avocado
  • oil of choice (hemp / olive)
  • lemon juice


  • Put the wasabi powder into a small dish / jug and add water to form into a paste, then stir in the mashed/blended avocado, the olive oil and lemon juice until you have the desired consistency/flavour.  You may choose to add a little water for a runnier consistency,
  • Pour over your food (here steamed kale and leeks)

In this dish I also used a wasabi powder/olive oil mix to marinate the salmon before baking.

I have also experimented with putting it in a Salmon and artichoke Pate which I need to develop further before sharing with the world.

Such an interesting way of making staple items taste a little different!

Next up – a Cucina Ceri version of Wasabi Peas (without the peas of course…..)


One thought on “Right now I’m loving – Wasabi Powder

  1. wellbeing

    The Clearspring company states:
    Making Clearspring wasabi
    To make, the fresh authentic wasabi root is harvested where it grows in the mountains of Japan, cut and freeze dried, and then ground into powder. It is then mixed together with mustard powder, formed from grinding a cake made of mustard oil, and ground up horseradish, which has been sliced and dried.

    Producer – Kaneku Company, Oume Tokyo

    So it isn’t “solely contains wasabi in its powder form” as you state. It is just the same as the other faux wasabi powders – without the colouring!

    Wasabi reviews can be found at http://www.wasabireviews.com.


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