Strawberry Ice Lollies

London was finally hot one day this week.  Yes folks that’s all you get – one day (I’m typing this on a rainy Saturday morning – boo).  I returned home to my flat on the hot day (having been away from my flat a few weeks), walked through the front door and put my ice-cream maker straight in the freezer,  pausing only to check the instructions which revealed it needs to cool in the freezer for 24 hours before first use.   Pants.   I thought nothing more of it, and went out for a bit of retail therapy, where amongst a heavy bag of compost and a hoover (honestly don’t ask) I also bought a carton of coconut water to cool me down on the journey home.  Except since I had 2 plastic bags hanging off one arm, a handbag on a shoulder, and a large hoover box balanced on my tummy, there was no chance I’d manage a slurp of coconut water.  I was already contending with plenty of shameful comedy moments – some tube doors shutting ON me and my shopping, dropping everything trying to extract my Oyster card (travel pass if you’re not from London) from my pocket, without adding pouring coconut water down me to the list.

Anyway, clumsy Ceri aside, whilst struggling on the way home I remembered the ice-lolly moulds I had found lurking in the ice-cream maker box and the punnet of strawberries in the fridge.  Ta-da.  I could make lollies when I got in instead!

Don’t I make a great hand model?

My lolly moulds come from an early 1990s Tupperware party (I stole them from my Mothers kitchen a few years ago), but don’t worry, you won’t need a time machine to go back and get them. I’ve seen them available in places such as Amazon or the amazing kitchen shop Lakeland.

Absolutely delicious, naturally sweet, so simple to do, include fresh fruit, rich in Potassium & electrolytes from the coconut water, and with no added E numbers, colourings or preservatives that you get with commercial ice-lollies.  What could be better thing to enjoy on a hot summers day?

Maybe this it will spark of some more ideas for more technically advanced lolly creations in future 🙂


  • Coconut Water (such as Vita Coco)
  • Strawberries, rinsed, hulled and chopped

You can add lib with the quantities, but to give you an idea I started with 330mls of coconut water with 200g of strawberries.  This filled 5 lolly moulds (the 6th went missing around 1996), with enough left over for me to enjoy as a refreshing drink.


  • Throw the strawberries and coconut water into a blender (or hand blender beaker), blend and pour into the moulds, leaving a space at the top for the ice to expand (science lesson here – water expands when it freezes.)
  • Insert the ‘popsicle stick’ and place the moulds in the freezer to set.  This should take around 2-3 hours.
  • When frozen, run the mould under a warm tap, and slide out the lolly.

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