Right Now I’m Loving – Home-made Burgers

I’ve had a bit of a mini burger-fest in my kitchen this week.  No particular reason other than I’m trying to convince myself that if I eat an oven cooked burger with my lounge window open, that it’s exactly the same thing as sitting in a garden having eaten a freshly cooked burger from the BBQ…??

Not convinced??

My local big branded supermarket  – the only place I can get to after my desk job – has been disappointing me with its selection of good quality organic meat of late.  The only decent meat I have I have been able to purchase has been lamb and beef mince.  I need to get me to a butchers asap! Whilst mince is an excellent base for stews and bakes such as Bolognaise and Moussaka (I can’t wait to try my own version of this soon), comforting hot dishes aren’t the order of the day in July, so burgers are a perfect way of making the most of the mince.  Burger mince also seems to be a very reasonable way of buying organic meat, which pleases me too.

I simply dump the meat in a processor with the flavourings (or mix by hand), season, blend – but don’t over process, shape into patties, let rest in the fridge if you have time – at least 30-60 mins, then cook on a grill pan in the over for 45 minutes.  You could freeze the patties prior to cooking if you wanted to spread your burger-fest over a period longer than a week.  Here are some really simple ideas I have used for flavourings to go with burgers, it has made them all taste so different. 

  •  Lamb mince – flavoured with a good sprinkling of dried mint and coriander leaf (you could go one better and use fresh herbs, but I keep the dried ones for store-cupboard emergencies)

Maybe I should have photographed these with some salad….

  • Beef mince – flavoured with a minced garlic and finely chopped fresh rosemary 
  • Beef mince – flavoured with a good spoonful of cumin and ground coriander 

Russian Burger Roulette – have no idea which are rosemary, which are cumin!

Also other burgers I have made in the past are;

  • Free-range Turkey or Pork with Thai Green Curry Paste – for the recipe click here
  • Any meat just simply add onions and dried herbs such as oregano

More flavour combos which I believe would work very well;

  • Pork with sage and garlic
  • Pork with chopped chorizo and paprika
  • Turkey/Beef  with a fajita style spice mix of ground coriander, paprika, cumin, chilli and garlic
  • Turkey with a dollop of home-made basil pesto
  • Lamb with harissa paste, fresh coriander, cumin 
  • Beef with chopped sun-dried tomatoes, garlic and oregano

I sometimes use eggs to bind my burgers, but its not always essential.  Absolutely no need to add any breadcrumbs! Cooking all of these in bulk one night, has given me enough meat to cover a few meals to last most of the week!  Time saving as well as tasty.

4 thoughts on “Right Now I’m Loving – Home-made Burgers

  1. Flipper

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love homemade burgers but the same beef ones every time is getting boring – will defo try some of these!

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