Right Now I’m Loving – Chorizo

Alejandro Chorizo Picante

It has taken me a while to source a Chorizo brand, which I am perfectly happy with nutrition wise – i.e. ‘clean’ (for want of a better word), which means NO added milk proteins, gluten, stabilisers or E numbers (I do wonder why you would put milk protein in a sausage???)  I was therefore well chuffed when I came across this brand Alejandro in my very local grocery deli store The Allotment in New Cross, SE London.  The ingredients list is simple – Pork & Spices.  Nothing else!  This is the already cooked version, though you can also buy an un-cooked one

I have been using this for a variety of dishes recently – in my Paella for example.  It is also delicious sliced and sprinkled on top of a tuna or chicken salad, or scattered on scrambled eggs for breakfast.  This Chorizo packs a serious amount of flavour from a very little bite, so will liven up any dish.  I also love eating it straight out of the packet as a bit of a cheeky snack.

Chicken Salad spiced up with a bit of Chorizo

Here is a quick work-day-desk-lunch featuring fresh spinach, grated raw courgette, left over roast chicken, a few slices of Chorizo and dressed with olive oil and black pepper.  Simples.

I have also seen this same brand  in Whole Foods, Waitrose and Planet Organic etc. and it should retail at a very modest £4.00 for the pack.  I’m afraid I can’t find a weblink direct from the suppliers.


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