Seasonal Food; the Delights of Summer

Today, I’m delighted to be sharing  a guest post from fellow blogger Charlotte – a lovely article about eating seasonally this time of year.

As a dyed-in-the-wool eater of all things seasonal, I love this time of year.  August and September are two of the best months for those of us who try to keep the domestic halo on at the right angle most of the time.  While February and March see that halo slipping, if not getting dropped and forgotten about, in the exotic produce aisle of the nearest supermarket, the last months of summer and early autumn allow us to regain our composure and our gold stars on the green and wholesome front.  This time of year is just about the best (and easiest) in which to eat only seasonal food.  So what’s on the menu?  What isn’t? That would probably be the easiest answer to that one.  Here is a basic list of the meat, fish and veg that you can purchase and prepare without a single iota of guilt and say to all your friends “well, of course, we always eat seasonal produce”.

Meat of the Moment
Lamb, no longer cute enough to gamble merrily in the fields, but perfect roasted with rosemary and garlic.  Lamb is actually not only in season, but at it is at its best at this time of year.  Specialist breeds, such as Herdwick, are renowned for their flavour, but any lamb is usually of excellent quality at the end of summer.

Grouse; these are not exactly the recession-proof option but make a great, slightly unusual, dinner party treat.  Grouse are normally quite gamey and you’ll need at least a couple of birds to feed four people.  Fry the birds off in oil and then roast, covered, with a dram or two of whisky.  Strip the meat from the roasted carcasses and fry off some onions in a pan, add the meat once the onions are cooked, stir in more whisky, some cream and a knob of butter.  Stir constantly to avoid curdling and once everything is thoroughly heated through serve with mash and seasonal vegetables.  Butternut squash mash is a tastier alternative to the potato and it’s also in season at the moment.

Summer by the Sea
Mackerel, mussels, oysters, sea bass and scallops are among the fishy treats that are in season at this time of year.  For a barbeque twist to get away from the usual burgers and bangers, scallops are a perfect alternative.  Definitely at their best and most plentiful at this time of year, avoid the supermarkets and buy from a local fishmonger.  Scallops need very little seasoning, just a little salt and pepper and are great served up with crusty bread and a watercress and fennel salad.

Sloe Food and Seasonal Slurs
A whole range of fruit and veg is in currently in season at the moment, although the wet summer has not helped to create great harvest or good prices.  For the free variety of fruit, head to the hedgerows and do a spot of blackberry picking.  While you’re there, keep an eye out for any Sloe bushes; these are a terrible fruit to eat, but if you have half a bottle of gin (easy to prepare if you haven’t) you can add sloes and sugar to the depleted bottle.  Preparation time is about four months, sadly, but the technique is easy.  Place the sloes in the bottle, add sugar and place the bottle in the airing cupboard, turn the bottle once and month and by Christmas you’ll have a delicious (and slightly lethal) sloe gin liqueur.  Serve in very small glasses.

Passing their Best
As well as the in-season produce, don’t forget the just going out of season;  apricots are on this list, so stock up while they’re still cheap and make as much jam as you’ll need to get you through the winter and the higher prices!  Other jams that you should focus on are, of course, raspberry, still well in season at this time of year, strawberry and plum.  Plums also make excellent, spicy chutney, so again it’s worth stocking up while stocks are cheap!

Whether you’re a fan of online food shopping or the grow it and pick it yourself variety, the variety of seasonal produce is at its best and most abundant at this time of year.

Author Bio
Charlotte actively blogs about trendy Fashion, Food and Drink covering the broad aspects of the latest fashion trends to milk&more food delivery. She likes shopping, discovering new products & enjoys drinking organic milk.

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post 

One thought on “Seasonal Food; the Delights of Summer

  1. Gary Conway

    Really interesting posts and some good recommendations. I much prefer to buy seasonal food. The flavours are noticeably better and it keeps your meals varied naturally throughout the year.


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