CO YO Coconut Milk Yoghurt

My winning ways over 7 days 

A weeks supply of CO YO coconut yoghurt pure deliciousness arrived on my doorstep soon after I had been announced winner of CO YO’s Facebook page Halloween recipe competition for my Pumpkin Muffins.  I was sent a variety of all their flavours so I could enjoy them all – natural, mixed berry, mango, raw chocolate and their festive special edition of chocolate orange.  I loved getting creative in the kitchen with the natural flavour incorporating it into various savoury dishes, but also really enjoyed sampling the flavoured pots.

Here’s how I spent my 7 days with CO YO (not strictly all in one week since a work trip and holiday popped up in the middle!)

Pot 1 Mixed Berries
A very early start to catch a Eurostar train to Brussels for a work trip. I packed a pot of CO YO in my handbag along with a recycled old pot to carry some mixed nuts and a tablespoon of ground flaxseed to top. It’s really difficult to buy healthy breakfasts from the Eurostar buffet carriage (I usually prepare stuff like hard boiled eggs in advance but on this ocassion didn’t have time) so this made the perfect breakfast.  It kept me going till it was way after lunchtime when I shoved down a tuna salad in Ghent…

Mixed Berry Coyo with nuts

Mixed Berry CO YO with nuts

Pot 2 – Raw Chocolate
Since I can’t resist making at least one addition to a straight recipe here I added a few crushed pistachios and also a pinch of salt to bring out the chocolate flavour.  The chocolate and salt combination appears to be a trend of late – rightly so too – yummy.

Raw Chocolate COYO with Pistachio and Salt

Raw Chocolate CO YO with Pistachio and Salt

Pot 3 – Natural
Time to get adventurous in the kitchen!  With pot 3 I made a variation on something I experimented with a while back but had never ended up blogging: Creamy leek, pesto, courgette and parsnip bake.  This was delicious with some trout cooked en papilotte (and there was plenty enough for lunch the following day).

Leek, Pesto & Courgette Coyo Bake

Leek, Pesto, Courgette & Parsnip CO YO Bake

Pot 5 – Natural
Mackerel and Celeriac Coleslaw
After watching an episode of Nigel Slater’s dish of the day where a soured cream version of this was featured I was inspired to have a go at this recipe.  I simply subbed the sour cream for CO YO and a little lemon juice. Full recipe here.

Sweet Potato Boats with Mackerel & Celeriac Coleslaw2

AND Egg CO YO-aise
Since the celeriac coleslaw just used a few spoonfuls of CO YO I used the rest from this pot with some hard boiled eggs to recreate a quick and simple egg mayonnaise. I simply added half a tablespoon of good quality cold-pressed oil (this time hemp oil) to a tablespoon of yoghurt, and stirred this through two diced hard boiled eggs with some seasoning. Consumed for breakfast a top of some slow roasted slabs of celeriac – ‘celeriac toast’ ? Who says breakfasts need be boring!

Egg Coyo-aise on Celeriac toast

Egg CO YO-aise on ‘Celeriac toast’

Pot 4 – Mango
Another breakfast on the go en route to the airport for a few days visiting my family in Italy (I don’t usually make this habit of travelling so much!) The previous evening I stirred into the mango pot a tablespoon of Chia seeds.  Chia seeds are easier to digest when soaked overnight and also swell up changing consistency from crunchy seeds to something similar to tapioca pudding.  The following morning I added a few sprigs of some fresh mint to compliment the mango.

Mango, Mint and Chia COYO

Mango, Mint and Chia COYO

Pot 6 – Natural
Chestnut and Apple Cake
My full blog post on this awesome recipe will follow, but until then I will keep you in suspense.  Hint – there is CO YO inside the cake instead of the dairy yoghurt suggested in the original recipe I used as inspiration.  A gluten-free & Paleo cake – yum!

Chestnut & Apple Cake with COYO inside

Chestnut & Apple Cake with CO YO

Pot 7 – Chocolate Orange
A weekend pudding treat – ate simply from the pot with a spoon!

If you haven’t heard of CO YO before, it is a fairly new product to the UK market.  It is made from fresh coconut milk which is mixed with live cultured probiotics and fermented into yoghurt (just as live natural yoghurt can be cultured from cows milk).  The CO YO also contains a bit of xylitol natural sweetener (from silver birch tree) and tapioca starch (I can imagine this is to thicken the yoghurt).  It is pretty unprocessed product so I am happy to include it as treat part of my diet.  You can purchase from heath food shops or on-line in the UK from Ocado.

Disclaimer:  I received the yoghurt as a competition prize and decided off my own back to write this post, since the yoghurt inspired me to. It is not a sponsored post and all views are my own.

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