Right Now I’m Loving – Celeriac

Unsung versatile vegetable love  

Right now I'm loving Celeriac

Right now I’m loving Celeriac

I have been hugely enjoyed this unsung vegetable in the last few weeks.  For some reason celeriac is massively underrated in daily home cooking, though it quite often populates restaurant menus –  ‘blah on a bed of celeriac puree’ or ‘blah served with celeriac remoulade‘ spring to mind.

Celeriac is available all year round, though I understand (from my trusty seasonal veg guide) that it is more seasonal in Winter. Celeriac is a root vegetable, and it is indeed as you may have established from its name, related to celery.  Celeriac does have bit of a celery tang, but texture wise it couldn’t be more different.  The vegetable can be eaten raw, roasted, steamed, mashed – incredibly versatile.  It’s also less starchy than potato for example so makes a great alternative for those wishing to lower their carbohydrate content.

Here are the four ways I have made use of celeriac in my cooking lately.

  • Top left:  Raw grated, and mixed with smoked mackerel for a fabulous coleslaw
  • Top right:  Honey roasted carrot & celeriac.  I made this fabulous dish which was a base for pork tenderloin (plus apple and mustard mash) during my cooking escape at Ashburton earlier this Autumn.  Carrots and celeriac were fried off & then caramelised in a pan with a bit of butter and salt.  A dash of honey was added then they were finished off in the oven with some thyme at 200 degrees C for a mere 5 mins.
  • Bottom Left:  Celeriac chips.  Simply cut the celeriac into chip shapes, drizzle with oil of choice and a bit of salt, and paprika, and roast in the oven at 180 till crispy (about 30 mins).
  • Bottom right:  Celeriac ‘toast’.  Slabs roasted in the oven (as per the chips) and used as a vehicle for topping of choice – this time hard boiled eggs with yoghurt…

I love celeriac mash too – here’s two recipes from the London Paleo Kitchen girls


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