Beetroot & Walnut Houmous

From a perfectly stocked pantry

Beetroot & Walnut Houmous

Beetroot & Walnut Houmous

This pseudo houmous dip (can it still be a houmous without chickpeas?) is perfect for an emergency impromptu feed at any time of year.  The ingredients should be easily sourced from a well stocked kitchen pantry, so it is a fantastically fresh and vibrant recipe to call on when the shops are closed.

I love that everything shuts up shop for Christmas, and believe that we should all take a break from modern life more often – I wish it was longer than just two days.  During the holidays I have every intention to barricade myself in the house for a few days, avoid any sort of food shopping and indulging in a lot of sleep, respite from work and some silly games with the family.  A well stocked pantry will therefore be required!

During the inevitable indulgences of Christmas food it is likely I’ll be craving simple, tasty and colourful food too – and no, chocolate orange does not count as one of your five a day. This paleo dip fits the bill.  I don’t usually advocate using pre-vacuum packed food that has a shelf life of a few months, but on this occasion it is perfectly acceptable. Especially as It is pretty colourful too.


  • 500g (roughly 2 packs) vacuum packed cooked beetroot, drained (or use freshly cooked beetroot)
  • 75g lightly toasted walnuts (you can do this in a frying pan)
  • 2 cloves garlic crushed
  • ½ tablespoon tahini
  • ½ Juice Lemon
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea/pink himalayan salt


  • Put the beetroot, walnuts and garlic into the blender & whiz.  Once the beetroot flesh & walnuts have broken down add the tahini, lemon juice, olive oil and season with salt.  You have license to make the texture as chunky or smooth as you desire.
  • Spoon into a serving pot and top with walnuts and parsley/coriander for decoration.
  • Serve with veg crudities etc.

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