My 2013 Foodie Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I like to start every new year with some new goals – a chance to start a fresh, finally get round to things I’ve been trying to achieve for ever.  I actually think there is no reason why the year has to change for a new goal to be set.  Let’s start each and every day with hopeful renewed positivity and optimism!

Rather than focus on giving stuff up (other than sugar which is a story for another post), this year I have decided to compile a list of things I should do more or of new things to try.

Firstly, today I started the new year with something I have been trying to do for ages.  I went for a long walk around my local area (where I have lived for the best part of a year) to finally go see this view of London.  Stunning.

Telegraph Hill

As well as exploring where I live a little more, and trying to be be more decisive (worlds worst decision maker me) I have also made list of some foodie resolutions.   Some are quite simple, and should be achieved by the end of January – some on the other hand may take me until next December…

Here are my 10

  1. Buy a slow cooker.  OK so I’m cheating a bit.  I bought one in the sales 2 days ago…
  2. Use above slow cooker to make my own stock on a regular basis.  I started making my own stock last year, and I can’t even explain in simple terms the taste difference using your own stock in stews and soups.  Now that I’m the proud owner of a slow cooker the aim to do this more often rather than leaving chicken carcasses in the freezer for months.  I’d also like to find a butcher that will supply me with bones on a regular basis.
  3. Visit Yotam Ottolenghi‘s restaurant.  This is an easy one.  I’ve been admiring his cooking for such a long time it seems a crime that I haven’t yet visited any of his restaurants.
  4. Make pulled pork or pulled lamb.  When you roast a large joint on slow for hours, then the meat is so tender it just pulls off.   You can even do this in a slow cooker.  Bonus.
  5. Make my own Harissa paste.  Not difficult, or even a big effort.  Just do it!  Same goes for Salsa Verdi and Mayonnaise. 
  6. Ferment some vegetables.  Maybe cucumbers or even sauerkraut.  Fermented vegetables are great for your gut flora, and I have been researching recipes to do this for yonks… There is a great list of recipes on this website.
  7. Make kefir.  I’ve been harping on about kefir (fermented milk) for ages, yet I still haven’t made my own…
  8. Revisit my Welsh roots with some nationalistic cooking.  My brother brought me a gorgeous Welsh Recipe Book for Christmas with lots of ideas, and I want to enjoy the cooking as well as exploring the history behind the ingredients used.
  9. Cook a proper curry from scratch.  I don’t do this often enough.  I’ll have to expand the library of spices in my cupboard, and let go of the basil and pine nuts for a bit though!  There are some great recipes on blogs by Pukka Paki and Cook in a Curry I want to try.
  10. Use more turmeric in my cooking.  Turmeric, is anti-inflammatory and a powerful natural medicine   I know this, and I have a large pot in the cupboard, yet rarely use it.

What are you new years resolutions?  Have any foodie related ones?


6 thoughts on “My 2013 Foodie Resolutions

  1. primalparkgirl

    I have a couple of similar ones – making fermented veggies and trying to eat offal regularly.

    I LOVE my slow cooker – had one since way before I went paleo. Great for cooking down all those awkward parts of the animal. Pulled pork, lamb and even beef are both delicious and make great leftovers.

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  4. Ren Behan (@RenBehan)

    Lovely resolutions. I’d love to visit Ottolenghi too perhaps we should venture there together! I’d love to read more about your Welsh roots, that sounds very interesting and we love travelling to Wales. I’m making my own mayonnaise today 🙂


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