Review: Tideford Organics Tomato Sauce

Tideford Organics are a small company based in Totnes Devon, and pride themselves that their products are organic, and many are gluten free.  Their slogan is “no additives, no preservatives, just the good stuff” and many of their company philosophies marry with my own ideals.  I was therefore happy to take some products off their hands, have a play in the kitchen.

When going through the full product list it was apparent that many of their products – soups and sauces contained legumes, grains and vegetable oils so I was a little disappointed that there was just one I could try.  The only paleo compliant fit was the Tomato & Basil sauce.  The Ingredients list of this sauce is chopped tomatoes 80%, butter, onions, basil (1%), sugar, sea salt, pepper.   I was really Impressed that there are no preservatives – this is apparent in the taste since it does taste unbelievably home made. I was however a bit peeved with a little bit of sugar on the sauce.  Is it really needed?

I cooked up a variety of dishes with the sauce;

Tideford Organic Tomato & Basil Sauce

Tideford Organic Tomato & Basil Sauce

  • Top left:  Italian Shakshuka, with spinach.  Shakshuka is a middle eastern dish, an authentic version can be found in the recent Ottolenghi Jerusalem cookbook.  This is my modern interpretation.  For 1 person I wilted down some spinach, then added half a carton of the sauce to the frying pan.  I then made holes for 2 eggs, cracked them in and covered the saucepan while the eggs poach.  A really different thing to have for weekend brunch, or a quick dinner!
  • Top right: Beef meatballs with pesto courgette ‘noodles’.  I served this for dinner for some friends.  They really liked it, and I don’t think it was obvious that I didn’t make the sauce myself.  I did however make the meatballs from scratch using organic beef mince, garlic and some herbs.  I partnered the meatballs with courgette ‘noodles’, lightly steamed and tossed in pesto.  I topped the dish with fresh rocket and parmesan.  (Served 3)
  • Bottom left: Base for roasted salmon.  I warmed up half a tub of the sauce, and used it as a base for some sweet potato roasties and a salmon fillet (serves 1)
  • Bottom right:  Baked chicken thighs with olives.  Poured a carton over 4 chicken thighs and baked in the oven, throwing in a few olives for extra measure.  Really good (serves 2)

A friend of mine who ate the meatball dish also proclaimed it tasted ‘home made’ (I was honest and  did say that I hadn’t made it), so if you were in a hurry and wanted a quick healthy home-made tasting sauce without the effort this would be perfect.  On reflection I think I personally would however continue to make my own tomato sauce cos that’s just how I am!

I received my review samples from Tideford Organics.  I was not required to write a good review.  All opinions are my own. 


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