Basil & Chive Flavoured Ghee

It must be love, love love

Ghee steak topper

Basil & chive Ghee hearts, topping a grass-fed sirloin steak, with carrot & chive mash and wilted spinach

I really really wanted to do a valentines-themed post this year.  I really really wanted to buy a silicone heart-shaped cake mould and do a deliciously gooey chocolate cake covered in raspberries. However… I’m currently on a strict sugar-free diet, and what’s the point in baking a cake on Valentines day if I can’t have even a tiny slice myself?

Since lowering my intake of starchy carbohydrates of late (the whole low-sugar thing), I’ve had to increase my fats for energy.  This week I discovered the joys of ghee.  Ghee is clarified butter and therefore contains no lactose at all.  Gorgeously gold in colour & solid at room temperature, cooking with this high-smoke point fat can turn any bit of bland food into a taste sensation.  I did try to make ghee myself about a year ago – but the whole experiment went incredibly typically Ceri wrong.  I burnt the butter, and when sieving off the milk solids to try and rescue what was left, I poured the boiling hot butter into a plastic container, which subsequently melted, and burst, showering hot greasy butter all over my kitchen and me.  I have been too scared to try again since.  This week I bought a tub from Pukka Herbs.

The idea for these ghee hearts came from a Café de Paris butter I made to top a fillet steak during my week at Ashburton Cookery School last year.  Café de Paris butter contains all sorts of herbs and spices so feel free to experiment to your hearts desire with this recipe – I kept it simple including the herbs that are nutritionally suited to me at the moment – basil, chive and a good quality celtic sea salt.

I served my ghee heart on top a grass-fed sirloin steak with carrot and chive mash and wilted spinach.  A real tasty good-fatted dinner.

Ingredients (makes 9 hearts)

I used a silicone heart-shaped chocolate mould tray to create these;

Chive & Basil Ghee Hearts

Basil & chive ghee hearts in their Valentines-themed moulds

  • 3 Tablespoons of Pukka organic ghee 
  • Pinch of Celtic salt
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of chopped basil 
  • 1/2 Tablespoon of chopped chives


  • Melt the ghee in a Bain Marie (pyrex bowl over lightly boiling water).  When liquid gold remove from the heat and let cool for a few minutes before you add the salt and the chopped herbs.
  • Pour into the moulds, making sure the herbs are well distributed.
  • Stick in the fridge till they set and are easy to pop out from their moulds (about 30 minutes).
  • Add on top of steak, fish, scrambled eggs or veg (such as mashed sweet potato, carrots, wilted spinach etc) immediately before serving.  The ghee will melt deliciously into your food releasing the herbs.
Chive & Basil Ghee Hearts |

Basil & chive ghee hearts, topping a grass-fed sirloin steak, with carrot & chive mash and wilted spinach

In case you are wondering…. I may write more about my sugar-free journey at some point in the future when I’m ready to share the why’s and hows, but basically I am following a specific nutritional low-fodmap & SIBO protocol to work on some ongoing digestive problems I have suffered with for a long time…

6 thoughts on “Basil & Chive Flavoured Ghee

  1. Mikey

    Despite your sugar free diet you should have baked that cake and given it to someone you love then sat back and bathed in their happiness!!!!!!!

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