Book Review & Giveaway: FITTER FOOD

Review:  FITTER FOOD – A lifelong recipe for health and fat loss by Keris Marsden and Matt Whitmore

“This book has been designed with one thing in mind, to help you look and feel awesome” – Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden

Fitter Food, endorsed by Mark Sisson of the Primal Blueprint is a brand new recipe book focussing on real food.   The book aims to; “empower people with the knowledge and understanding to take control of their health for good.  Keris and Matt strive to educate everybody about what it really means to be healthy and prove just how simple and tasty it can be.”

This book says everything about food and health that I truly believe in, but sometimes stumble to find words to explain in easy terms myself.  It is based on the Paleo / Primal principles with added modern twists.   British & London-based nutritionists & personal trainers Keris and Matt spend little time dwelling on labelling their food into the Paleo category and more time focussing on calling it ‘fitter food’.  Compared to other similar books I have read this is a breath of fresh air.  

The book begins by introducing the principles of fitter food, then follows an in depth explanation of what we should be eating and why, what should be on our shopping lists, and where the best places to source food are. All key points are explained with a simple, yet not condescending approach that I will definitely be making use of.  For example I was asked the other day (pre- reading fitter food) why I avoid gluten.  I started mumbling about phytates, gut health and malabsorption of minerals then got a bit stuck finding the right words to explain and express myself – Page 47 to my rescue! 

Only after 70 pages of this fascinating and easy to read nutritional background – littered with brilliantly funny illustrations, and charming coffee cup stains – do we come to the 100+ recipes.  The recipes cover all sorts of occasions; breakfasts, light bites, burgers (how amazing there is a whole chapter devoted to burgers), pimping your salads, weekday meals in minutes, weekend favourites, sides, dips & condiments, and lastly cheats of champions (naturally the bit I looked at first).  Fantastically, there is not a single recipe without an accompanying mouthwatering picture – is it just me who gets annoyed when publishers make budget cuts by leaving out pictures? 

Keris and Matt made the brave decision to self-publish this book, and put their everything (including their savings) into creating it to be something they felt truly passionate about.  Why wait for a publishing house to commission the book, then have their interpretation on what nutritional information to share or how it should be done?  An admirable decision. This clearly shows how passionate they are about ‘fitter food’ and its mission to get us all to eat better – this really shines through in their intelligent & witty prose. 

To accompany this review I decided to make up the mayonnaise recipe from the book (page 183).  I used a combination of avocado and olive oil with added basil – hence the green colour.  I’ve had a few failed attempts at Mayonnaise in the past, but this time – it worked, and tasted delicious! 

Fitter Food Mayonnaise, Grass-fed steak, courgette chips, green beans and mayonnaise

Fitter Food Mayonnaise, Grass-fed steak, courgette chips, green beans and mayonnaise

The book is priced at a modest £18.99 and is available directly from Fitter London


I’d already bought my first copy of the book when I hilariously won a second in a facebook competition.  To celebrate the launch of the book I am giving away my second copy in a giveaway. 

To enter (each counts as a separate entry so make sure you leave separate comments for each one for more chances to win!)

  • Leave a comment below telling me why you’d like to win a copy of Fitter Food.
  • Like Cucinaceri & Fitter Food on Facebook and leave a comment below stating you have done so.
  • Tweet this – ‘Check out @cucinaceri GIVEAWAY for the chance to win @fitter_food‘s Fitter Food recipe book’ and leave a comment below stating that you have done so.
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Giveaway open Internationally and ends 10am GMT  22nd February. Good Luck.


26 thoughts on “Book Review & Giveaway: FITTER FOOD

  1. ceri

    Because I’m also called Ceri! And I’m becoming increasingly convinced Paleo is the way to go.
    I like your blog very much.

  2. Mandy Parry

    would love a copy of this as i having been changing my eating habits since last September think this would really help me achieve a totally clean diet ,we love to cook but our food has become a little repetitive ….

  3. amybolandphotography

    I would love to win this book because I am currently changing my life and this might just be the tool that I am looking for. I am currently 39, 5’4 and almost 200 pds. {can’t believe I just told you that 🙂 So far I have lost 12 pds with drinking green smoothie but am lost from there.
    So wish me luck…

  4. Rhea Jack

    Pick me because I have finally come to love myself! After months of ruining my body with an eating disorder, I’m now on a path to wellness nourishing my body with beautiful healthy food. This book would help continue this journey.

    It’s important to love yourself 🙂

  5. tanya

    I would love this book to find out more about paleo & the delicious recipes,also hope it will help get my digestion back on track

  6. Laura Agar Wilson (@lauraagarwilson)

    I’d love to win a copy of this book – it sounds right up my street and I love that they are not going in for the paleo label. I really think that staying away from that label can be helpful when dealing with paleo phobes and can be more useful when trying to explain the benefits of this way of eating 🙂

  7. Carole Hearn

    I’d like to win a copy as I am cooking all your recipes from your website so a book recommended by you has got to make sense. I choose to eat this way as its better for my health as I suffer with Crohns. Keep up the good work Ceri. X

  8. Sharon Chrismas

    Liked on FB, but I wanted to let you know again that I am sick and tired of eating the same stuff, and “unclean” food is starting to pass my lips. I need help!!!! Please let me win your book!

  9. graeme

    starting a clean year with fitness in mind, got to loose weight with exercise and healthy food, i`ll need as much encouragement as possible and your book could help me, remember “its nice to be nice”

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  11. Nina

    I just read your post on chestnut flour and have so much left over from when my mother mixed it with chocolate and rum (it was her specialty), and now I finally have an idea of what else I can make with it, thank you!!

    As for the book you are giving away…healthy living is a lifestyle choice. I´d love to be picked and get even more inspired!


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