‘Cooking for Health’ at the College of Naturopathic Medicine – Part 1

I’m sure it’s clear from my blogging musings that I absolutely adore cooking, but more and more I am also loving learning about the healing power of food (known as naturopathy).   Last year I completed my first official nutrition course – a 12 week evening course at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.  Some of you may recall reading my summary once I’d finished.  Having studied a little nutrition and also enrolling on cooking classes this last year – not healthy ones mind – I’ve been keen to develop these two aspects on one course side to side. Not many classes of this nature exist in the UK – either short courses or those that gain you a professional qualification – so when CNM decided to launch a Cooking for Health Course I was dead keen to sign up.

The course is just 6 weeks, and runs 3 times a year, each 6 week stint focusing on slightly different subjects – all aimed to teach us how to cook amazing recipes to improve our health. My 6 subjects were; gluten & dairy Free,  foods for immunity, foods for cardiovascular health, foods to support detoxification, raw food, and healthy treats.

The first four weeks were taken by Holly Taylor;  A nutritionist, foodie, gluten free cook and advocate of the Paleo diet – who talked passionately about cooking for health throughout backed up with an insane amount of nutritional information.  We were provided with lecture notes and recipes in advance each week – mine are now covered in additional scribbles – I think that proves that point!

The course takes place in CNM’s newly refurbished kitchen lecture room over 2 and a half hour s each Monday night.  Holly – plus her trusty assistant led from the kitchen whilst the class group of about 24 sat in lecture-room style rows watching.   Roughly 4 recipes were made up each week accompanied by plenty of nutritional information and cooking tips.   At the end of each class we got to taste some deliciously healthy samples! 

Cooking for Health at CNM tastings

Tasty samples at the CNM ‘Cooking for Health’ course

  • Top Left: Pickled Lemon & Pumpkin Butter Stuffed Rainbow Trout (Cardiovascular health)
  • Top Right: Apple Coleslaw (support detoxification)
  • Bottom Left:  Chicory & Rocket Salad (support detoxification)
  • Bottom Right:  Gluten-Free Gingerbread (ginger supports detoxification:  NB the ongoing process of bodily detoxification is not the same as going on a full blown detox – this therefore doesn’t meant that eating cake whilst on a detox is being suggested here – just so we got that clear…)

Prior to starting the course I was initially a little concerned that having already done the 12 week nutrition course and also being what I would call quite an experienced cook that I would be learning things I already knew.  To some extent this has turned out to be true, however since you never stop learning I have still picked up tonnes of useful information and some fun new recipes – it just goes to show how much there is to learn!  Also leaving the course buzzing each week, excited and engaged by a subject I am so interested in is an inspiring way to end a Monday evening.

We switch course leaders next week and I will write my review of part 2 when I’ve finished.  Till then I will leave you with a top tip and a fab phrase from weeks 1-4.

Top tip:  The top nutrients & flavour in ginger root are just under the surface so when prepping to use scrape the skin clean with a spoon rather than peeling with a knife.  More good stuff goes into your food that way.

Fab phrase: White Potatoes without the skin are pretty much a nutritional non-event.

Disclaimer:  I was invited by the college to provide this blog article. All views are my own.  


13 thoughts on “‘Cooking for Health’ at the College of Naturopathic Medicine – Part 1

    1. Ceri @CucinaCeri Post author

      But we also have to put up with busy rush hours, tube travel, pollution and it taking at least an hour to get to anywhere in the city! I do love London for its amenities, but sometimes crave a bit of open fresh air! Am really enjoying the course – yours sounds fascinating too!

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