Five Friday Favourites

In this week’s “Five Friday Favourites” list….

  1. Brunch @ Giraffe.  I met a friend there last Friday for an early lunch, but discovering they serve brunch till 4 so we both decided to ordered from that menu.  You can pick and choose breakfast items, thus easily leaving out toast without a fuss.  I went for a classic smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes. I could have even added avocado or bacon too.  Result. [Chain/ Nationwide].
  2. Oregano.  Following on from my pesto experiment I’ve been continuing to put immune boosting fresh oregano on nearly everything – sprinkled on top of a Puttanesca sauce, on salads and a rub for pan fried pigeon for example.  I’m determined not to let the cold I feel I have coming, arrive.  So far my oregano plant is surviving amazingly better than my pot of parsley ever could – fingers crossed for a never ending supply.
  3. My Cooking for Health’ class at CNM started back again this week.  This week we tackled ‘Mood Foods’. I did indeed bound out of there with a smile on my face.  Feels good to be learning something I feel so passionate and interested in again. 
  4. My great friend and fellow paleo/healthy enthusiast Ruth started a new blog this week Let Her Eat CleanWhole foods and good times – in abundance (her words not mine).  Ruth writes in such an engaging, friendly and easy to read tone, you couldn’t possibly not want to get involved.  Well done Ruth for finally getting it off the ground – I’m looking forward to reading much more. 
  5. Yoga @ L!fe Shoreditch.  I managed to get my arse back to a Vinyasa Yoga class last night – in the stunning new Skylight L!FE studio on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.  Yoga against the backdrop of the naturally dimming daylight through the skylight windows = bliss.   Great venue, great moves, great music – taught by the lovely Katie Morrison.  Go check it out.
L!FE on Brick Lane, Shoreditch

L!FE on Brick Lane, Shoreditch

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