Five Friday Favourites

In this week’s “Five Friday Favourites” list….

Double yoker eggs - make great mayonnaise

Double yoker eggs – make great mayonnaise

  1. Double Yokers:  I bought a dozen huge eggs from my local grocers The Allotment this week – I was advised by the shop owner Gill that they might all be double yokers (good to know if you’re making a cake, which I was).  Amazingly they all were – it feels like such a lucky thing to happen! Perfect for 2 yolk mayonnaise recipes or extra rich scrambled eggs.  Bet that wouldn’t happen in a supermarket! 
  2. New ingredients:  I’ve decided I should buy a new spice or herb each weekly shop to expand my recipe and ingredient knowledge.  This week I went wild and threw cardamon and smoked paprika into the trolley.  Both have distinct and interesting flavours I am looking forward to understanding how to make the most out of them asap!
  3. Fish:  Am going through a fish phase at the moment so lots of salmon, sardines, mackerel tuna – of the tinned in olive oil, fresh or smoked varieties have been consumed.  Maybe because its been warmer (and I’m not craving stews).  Lets up those Omega 3’s! 
  4. Adura:  It was my birthday on Wednesday and as a treat my fellow healthy food blogger & fitness instructor friend Adura played all my favourite songs in our Fitter London spin class  (yep I’m the crazed loon who gets up early on her birthday to exercise).  We then went for a delicious smoked salmon and poached egg breakfast and she spent the morning helping me with some blog stuff.  She definitely deserves a place on my favourites list – go check out her blog now!  Especially for some of her amazing facial scrub recipes which I also tried out on my skin this week.
  5. Ottolenghi: As part of my birthday celebrations I visited Ottolenghi‘s restaurant in Islington.  An eagerly awaited, incredibly delicious and very much enjoyed evening with my best girlfriends.  Full write up to follow!

8 thoughts on “Five Friday Favourites

  1. primalparkgirl

    You’ve picked two of my favourite spices to add to your stash! Both are great in sweet and savoury foods – I look forward to seeing what dishes you dream up which include them.

  2. Adura O

    Yay! I made it on the list! Woohoo!!!
    I’d have LOVED to get those double yoked eggs, like you, I love eggs 🙂
    I’m glad you had a great birthday evening at Ottolenghi 🙂 xxxx


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