Natural Kitchen Adventures

When I started writing Cucina Ceri 2 years ago – I din’t have any clue that I’d still be here 2 years later going stronger than ever.  Throughout that time I have grown a level of affection for ‘Cucina Ceri’  – a name I agonised over for hours in the first place but now I’d like the blog to explain a little more what it is about in its name.  Natural Kitchen Adventures sums it up perfectly.

Natural – All my recipes and witterings are based around foods from natural sources – Whole / clean / healthy / un-processed / naturopathic / paleo / gluten & refined sugar free.

Kitchen – The place the magic happens

Adventures – Because each time I enter the kitchen armed with my set of ingredients I’m still embarking on a huge adventure, and life should be full of them!

I’ve spent my life being referred to as Seri (Ceri is actually pronounced like Kerry) and for the uninitiated this has lead to being called “Susina Seri “- well what does that say about cooking healthy food? I knew that when someone overheard me the other day and thought I was referring to a Jim Carey blog (not a cucina ceri blog – either I have bad speech or he has bad hearing) I knew I’d definitely made the right decision.

Nothing else about the blog is going to be changing.  I will still love to cook in my own personal style, retain an interest and be influenced by Italian flavours, and bore you all with my cooking stories!

Hope you like the new logo design too.  Thanks to Adam Cinemre for his hard work. 


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