Five Friday Favourites

It’s all about mini veg, green things and thinks that make me smile In this week’s “Five Friday Favourites” list….

A lunch mezze plate including baby aubergines and parsley salad

A lunch mezze plate including baby aubergines and parsley salad

  1. Baby Aubergines: Found these in the supermarket last week and bought them simply because they looked cute.  They roast in just 30 mins and make a perfect addition to a mezze style lunch platter of random left over veg, fermented carrots, a bit of protein and my homemade mayo which I’ve had a few days this week at work.
  2. Using parsley as a salad base: I love to buy huge bunches of parsley from my local Turkish supermarket – a bargain at just 99p.  This enables me to plate up parsley in the same way as rocket, spinach or watercress – so so good! (see pic)
  3. Arame seaweed:  I tried this in a salad at my cooking course on Monday night – paired with kale and broccoli.  Really interesting taste so I may experiment with it myself soon.  Seaweed has some amazing health benefits
  4. The sunshine: Just because… Expect to see lots more salads, grilled meats and fish on the blog for the next few months! I’ll still be making use of my slow cooker though – don’t fear! 
  5. My new blog name:  Every time I open my blog I smile – I love the logo, I love the clear layout and I’m loving the new name – hope you guys do to!

6 thoughts on “Five Friday Favourites

  1. Ruth

    The new logo is 100% sunshine on a rainy day. Bold, lively, straightforward. Hearts and eggs, what’s not to love? Best of British Ceri for all that’s ahead in line with this lovely rebrand.

  2. Kelly

    love seaweed!!! I snack on them at work 😉
    Best place to buy them are either in chinese or japanese supermarket, they tend to sell them in larger quantities and are cheaper


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