Five Friday Favourites

I’m back with my Five Friday Favourites, having taken a break last week last week due to a weekend away in the New Forest.  A fab weekend away from the big smoke which has given me much material and inspiration for this post!

The Pig, Brockenhurst:  Pigeon & Quail Salad, Home grown Quail & Silver Chard

The Pig, Brockenhurst: Pigeon & Quail Salad, Quail & Silver Chard from the Kitchen Garden

  1. During a lazy Friday afternoon drive down to the New Forest we stumbled upon The Pig, Brockenhurst.  What a find.  Absolutely stunning surroundings and a menu featuring produce drawn from a mere 25 mile radius plus fresh veg & animals grown on site in the kitchen garden.  We were so lucky to get a table (outside in the bank holiday weekend sun) as we hadn’t booked.  My request to have my warm pigeon breast, beetroot and quails egg salad to be gluten free (minus the croutons) was obliged by the helpful and friendly staff without a blink of an eyelid.  Highy recommended if you’re in that area, or equally for a special trip.   A perfect start to a relaxing girly weekend. 
  2. A group meal in the cottage we hired involved oven cooking 2 pieces of Monkfish.  Not a fish I’d cooked before!  It was absolutely delicious, simply baked for roughly 30 minutes in a covered dish with lemon juice, rosemary, garlic and a splash of white wine. 
  3. Carrying on the fish theme a pub lunch from an outdoor BBQ (in the gorgeous setting of Buckler’s Hard) involved a tasty Swordfish steak.  Not a fish I get the chance to enjoy very often.  One of my favourites.
  4. Wild Garlic is everywhere at the moment, and I was thrilled when a friend donated me a bag full that she’d foraged in Sussex.  I made pesto with it and the recipe will follow.  I am convinced it tasted so good because I knew it was foraged! 
  5. Candids by Jo.  Fab food & travel photography blogger Jo will be coming to my afternoon tea on Sunday to snap some pics.  Do check out her blog!

That leaves me just enough room to give my charity Pop up Afternoon Tea one final plug!  At time of writing there is just 1 ticket left.  If you can’t make it along then check out my Foodie & Healthy Living Raffle.  I’ve been donated some great prizes from the likes of COYO, Perfect Chocolate, Trealy Farm, Thoosa, Fitter Food, Demora, The Allotment, New Cross House, Drings Butchers, The Free From Bakehouse, Oosha, Tiana & Edible Experiences! Wow.  Where practicable all prizes will be sent out in the post so don’t worry if you’re not London based.  

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