Five Friday Favourites

On this week’s love list…

Five Friday Favourites

Five Friday Favourites:  Pics 1-3 courtesy of

  1. Slow Roasted Cherry Tomatoes.  I had a go at slow roasting my own cherry tomatoes, to add an intense flavour to my mini quiches (top left), served up at my afternoon tea.  I used a recipe from the Smitten Kitchen.  Definitely worth the 3 hour wait.
  2. Cashew Cream Cheese.  Another feature of my pop up afternoon tea last weekend!  I adapted a recipe featured on Mind Body Green to make a dairy free cream cheese, chive & cucumber filling for my mini avocado muffins (top right).  Went down a treat.
  3. Vanilla Pods. I usually cook with vanilla extract or essence reserving the real pods for special occasions.  Well my afternoon tea was one of them!  I infused some real vanilla,  black specs in tow into CO YO Coconut yoghurt to fill my fruit tarts for my afternoon tea (bottom left – yep another afternoon tea mention..)  I wish they weren’t so darned expensive!   I must mention another thanks to CO YO for providing all the yoghurt for the tea. 
  4. Nivens.  My favourite eating out lunch spot near my office in King’s Cross.  First trip there in a long time this week – since I felt like I deserved lunch out after all that afternoon tea cooking last week.  Baked chicken leg, with spring greens, chilli courgettes and roasted beetroot with walnut (bottom left).  Yes please! 
  5. Carrot Hummus.  I enjoyed a day out at Glyndebourne opera in the Sussex countryside with my work colleagues yesterday.  A colleague of mine had brought along some home made carrot hummus, the recipe was from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s River Cottage Veg recipe book.  Roasted carrots in cumin and coriander blended with tahini?? Yum is all I’m saying!  Def going to steal the recipe for this one.

I’m off to New York on holiday on Weds so won’t be posting a Five Friday Favourites next week.  I promised to come back with a bumper edition from New York the week after!


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