Five Friday Favourites – May

OK so I wasn’t going to do a Five Friday Favourites this week as I’m currently on hols in New York, but since I made some fab foodie finds on my trip to Wales last weekend, I just wanted to share them with you.  Through the power of a scheduled post, I’m not actually writing this while on holiday.  I’m probably eating a big fat burger sans bun.


Brunch, Sweet Cicely, Toulouse Sausages, Nom Nom chocolate

  1. Brunch at Bill’s (restaurant nationwide).  I do love a good brunch on a slow Saturday morning with old friends (not in age, just in time).  Two fried eggs, with ham, bubble&squeak, covered in Hollandaise sauce and assured Gluten Free.   Oh yes. 
  2. Toulouse cured sausages from Trealy Farm  I got to try these as part of a delicious lunch served up at a women in farming day on the farm.  They were made on the farm!  Trealy sell their produce at local farmers markets (in Wales) and direct to trade.  Look out for it – it is exceptional.
  3. Sweet Cicely.  What?  Yes exactly.  I had no idea what this was, when it was served up stirred through homemade mayonnaise a top an egg for starters at my farm lunch.  Its a herb, with a delicate aniseed flavour as delicious!   Man alive there are so many plant ingredients out there I’ve still not heard of!
  4. Rhubarb. Made into a fool, with fresh yoghurt & cream from Trealy Farm’s cow Gwenlan.  My childhood issues with my Dad’s home-grown rhubarb and Mum’s subsequent rhubarb crumble have been obliterated.
  5. Nom Nom Chocolate.  Proper Welsh chocolate.  I can highly recommend the Venezuelan 72% chocolate served up to me by Let Her Eat Clean when I visited for dinner.  This Welsh company certainly knows how to make chocolate!

Back next week for a New York catch up!  Squeeeee! 


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