Five Friday Favourites – New York Special

Fresh (well apart from my current jet lag) from last week’s trip to New York I bring you an all American ‘Five Friday Favourites’ this week. I’ll be writing a little more about the restaurants I visited in another post soon, but for now here’s a short list of my foodie finds from the big apple.

NYC FFF collage

1. Brunch. Again. I talk about brunch on this blog a lot. That’s because its one of my favourite weekend rituals, and the New Yorkers certainly know how to put together a brunch menu or two. Brunch options can, chosen in the correct manner be an incredibly healthy way to start the day. Eggs Norway (or what we call Eggs Royale) minus the muffin, with a side salad (top left) / Eggs en Cocotte (top right) were 2 of my favourite choices.

2. Kombucha. I’ve read a lot about Kombucha on various USA blogs but hadn’t had the chance to try it till now. Kombucha is a tangy fizzy fermented tea full of probiotics. I tried a home-made blueberry one in a restaurant and a ginger one by GT’s from Wholefoods. I’d like to do a little more reading around Kombucha – its origins and health benefits before I proclaim anything on the matter, but I did love the taste.

3. Ostrich. Special mention for some delicious mini (slider) ostrich meat burgers served as part of a tapas-style platter in a wine bar (I left the bun). Definitely going to search out some ostrich in London.

4. Chipotle. Which I’ve now learned you pronounce chi-pot-lay (not chi-pottle). Having not been able to source some of this magic smokey pepper powder in London (admittedly I didn’t look far) I picked up a small pot on my inevitable whole foods sweep. Looking forward to some smokey pulled pork or chipotle mayonnaise concoctions soon.

5. Raw Macaroons. I picked these Hail Merry chocolate macaroons up at JFK airport for my evening flight home as I hadn’t specially ordered any gluten-free food for the plane (as I forgot) and had no time for dinner at the airport (since the rain and resulting traffic jams were not on my side). These were incredibly delicious and have a fantastic ingredients list – NO agave syrup – huzzah! Anyone seen them in the UK? Along with a banana, a glass of red wine and a good book they were the perfect antidote to the 7hr night flight back to Blighty (the movie system was broken…)

Now that holiday time is over I’m itching to get back into the kitchen and start cooking some recipes again – I realise its been far too long since I actually posted one!


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