Five Friday Favourites – June

I let you have a week off last week, since I wanted the time to start blogging recipes again.  Then I got hit with a bug this week, and have barely managed to crack a few eggs in the kitchen this week.  Oh well!  Good intentions and all that.

Feeling much better today at last so I’m back with a list of five foodie things I want to shout about from the last few weeks.

I butchered a whole chicken

I butchered a whole chicken!

  1. I butchered a WHOLE chicken.  From one whole chicken and a five minute wrestle with a good sharp knife I ended up with 2 legs, 2 breasts, 2 wings, a carcass for stock, and minced the messy bits into a little burger.  First attempt at this.  Proud. 
  2. The Flavour Thesauraus.  Yes I’m actually attempting to read a thesaurus from start to finish.  This is not your average thesaurus though – it’s an absolutely awesome list of foods, what they go well with and why, written in an engaging and entertaining way by food writer Niki Segnit.  You could equally dip in and out of this, but I’m enjoying reading from start to finish since I don’t want to miss anything.  Great for any aspiring cook – healthy or otherwise since all the ingredients listed are real foods – it’s what you do with them that matters.  Want to find out exactly why lamb goes with anchovy?  This is your book. 
  3. Paneer.  I tried a paneer shashlik in an Indian restaurant and loved it.  Paneer is a sort of Indian cottage cheese (a curd cheese).  Since I’m not usually a dairy/cheese eater I want to find out more about it.  
  4. Allspice.  This week’s new spice.  Used most famously in Jamaican Jerk Chicken.  I used it to coat some roasted plantain chunks.   More experiements to follow. 
  5. Mojito Flavoured ice-cubes.  A really simple but genius idea.  Chop some mint leaves and chunks of lime, add to ice-cube trays, fill with water and freeze. Sorry no rum included. A much more interesting way of cooling down a nice glass of sparkling water. 
Mojito Ice Cubes

Mojito Ice Cubes


4 thoughts on “Five Friday Favourites – June

  1. Ruth

    I love the way fresh lime totally transforms fizzy water and this sounds like an even BETTER idea. Will be certain to try on some tee-total Sunday lunch guests this weekend.

  2. Urvashi Roe

    I am longing to have the time to read the flavour thesaurus. It’s a must do this summer holiday as I keep seeing unusual combos and like you want to understand the why!


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