Five Friday Favourites – July

Five things rocking my world this week…

Salads, Jewelled Kitchen & COYO Ice-cream

Summer Salads, The SalJewelled Kitchen & COYO Ice-cream

1. Whole30. Yep I’m currently completing my first proper Whole30. That’s 30 days of strict paleo, minus the paleo-fied sweet treats and sex with your pants on foods that have sneaked their way into my diet of late. Essentially this isn’t much different to how I usually eat, least not for my breakfast, lunch and dinner choices – but it will help me to tighten the belt (literally) in terms of snacking and desserts.  I’ve been on 2 holidays since the middle of May and I’m starting to notice my clothes don’t fit any more, and a huge sense of lethargy mid afternoon and in the gym. Fingers crossed!  I’m posting some of my meals & thoughts on twitter and instagram (@cerikitchen) in order to help keep me motivated!  Which swiflty leads me along to….

2.  Summer Salads. Loving my salads this week, and the inventiveness that can ensue. Picking just 2-3 special ingredients for a salad can really help with variety when eating like this every day. Think outside the salad box.  It doesn’t have to be as dull as lettuce + toms + cucumber + protein. This week I made an amazing ‘Pigeon, Peach & Almond Salad’ and also a Paprika Roasted Veg & Salmon Salad’. I’ll be posting the recipe for the pigeon in a few days.

3. Food Blogger Connect. I spent last weekend in Battersea Arts Centre being moderator and ‘master of ceremonies’ for all the talks and panels at Europe’s biggest food conference. I met and reconnected with heaps of fantastic food bloggers, tasted some great food and got inspired. Not to mention pushing myself right out of my own comfort zone by spending the weekend with a microphone in hand in front of 150 people. Doing something everyday that scares you?  Box ticked!  Any fellow bloggers out there not know about FBC? Follow them immediately on twitter for loads of great blogging tips (@bloggerconnect)

4. The Jewelled Kitchen. Launched last weekend at Food Blogger Connect this beautiful new cookbook is well worth a drool. it’s written by the gorgeous Lebanese Bethany Kehdy, the brains behind FBC and writer of Dirty Kitchen Secrets blog.  If you love the colourful look & taste of Middle Easter food, you’ll love this too. There are loads of amazing recipes which I’m sure will provide me with inspiration for my kitchen – either by repli/modification.  Can’t wait to cook from it!

5. CoYo Coconut ice-cream was released this week. If it tastes anything like the yoghurt I already know and love then we’re all in for a special treat. First on the list of things to taste when the Whole30 is done.  Can be bought from the usual health food stores.

 p.s I’m now making this a monthly series!  What’s going to be ticking all my boxes come August?? 


4 thoughts on “Five Friday Favourites – July

  1. Cate

    Don’t mean to be a downer but you might want to google the evil geniuses behind the sweetener in Coyo. Was great stuff till I started noting an odd aftertaste… bit of research later and it’s all bad news. Sorry to be the bearer, just keep them peepers open… I make my own! Not hard, and quality control is maintained. Like your site btw- made some chocolates out of the cookie dough recipe- delicious. : )

    1. Ceri @Natural Kitchen Adventures Post author

      Hi Cate,
      Thanks for your feedback, its always useful for me to hear things from different point of views. I will do some further reading around the subject. I tried making my own once – failed miserably! Thanks for your comments and for stopping by on my site,


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