Breakfast Crepe Fiorentina

Eat the Italian Flag! 

Crepe Fiorentina

Crepe Fiorentina

There is an amazing pizza topping that goes by the name Fiorentina; a crispy pizza base, awash with spinach and a perfectly set egg.  Fiorentina  pizza immediately makes me think of a friend of mine, who orders it on each trip to a pizzeria without fail – always requesting that the egg yolk should be soft/runny rather than cooked to a solid.  I’m with him on this one – the beautiful yolk doubles up as a rich sauce!

This is my version of pizza fiorentina – except this time its on a gluten-free chestnut flour crepe AND eaten for breakfast (though you could eat it any time of day of course).  I cooked this up when I had some idle time to spare on August bank holiday Monday, having long ago mentally bookmarked a crepe & egg idea from a random food magazine (I read many,  can’t recall where I saw it).  It wasn’t particularly time-consuming or complicated – but I felt like it was a bit of a treat breakfast suitable for a bank holiday, especially as I’d been out for an hour and a half long walk BEFORE breakfast.

Whist chestnut flour is gluten-free and a perfectly clean eat (it is just ground dried chestnuts) it is quite starchy and doesn’t have the most amazing amount of nutritional benefits.  That said, I really love it and from time to time it is a great treat, plus it makes fantastic crepes (sweet or savoury) that just aren’t possible with other paleo approved flours. Considering there is no gluten in this recipe the pancake will hold together pretty easily – the whole egg in the batter acts as a binder in this instance.

I think I prefer the photo without the tomatoes on top - but not the taste!

I think I prefer the photo without the tomatoes on top – but not the taste!

Since the crepes must be cooked one by one, and each takes a good 5 mins to finish once you’ve popped the egg on, I’d suggest you indulge in this when you’re having a private breakfast for one moment.  Otherwise you might drown in your own saliva, waiting for the second one to cook whilst your breakfast companion starts on theirs.  You would serve your partner first wouldn’t you??  Other option – keep them warm in a low oven or buy 2 frying pans…

Ingredients (serves 1)


  • 25g Chestnut flour
  • 1 egg
  • 1/2 Tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 Tablespoons water
  • Pinch salt

For the dish:

  • Handful spinach
  • coconut oil to fry the pancake
  • 1 pancake (see above)
  • 1 egg
  • fresh/dried herbs to dress (fresh oregano is superb)
  • + additional black olives or sun-dried tomatoes to dress


  • First make up the crepe batter, by mixing all the ingredients together.  Ideally you want to use a whisk or even a hand blender so that the flour dissolves fully into the liquid.
  • Next sauté the fresh spinach until wilted, remove from the pan and squeeze all the moisture out (or else your crepe will end up soggy).
  • Heat up the coconut oil in the pan and pour in the chestnut batter, tilting to ensure a smooth covering all over the pan.  After 3 minutes the underside should be browned and the pancake can be flipped over.
  • Now place the spinach on top of the pancake, creating a well for you to crack in the egg.  The white may spread a little.  Fold over the sides of the crepe to hold the egg in.  It should take another 3-4 minutes for the underside of the pancake to cook and also for the egg to cook through.  If the bottom is burning and the egg isn’t cooking, turn the heat down, and cover the pan to hold the heat in and cook the white.
  • Slide off onto a plate and decorate with fresh or dried herbs, black pepper and any other extras you desire such as sun-dried tomatoes, parma ham or black olives.

If you think you might know someone who’d like this recipe too, don’t forget to share it with them!


4 thoughts on “Breakfast Crepe Fiorentina

  1. Michael Massarella

    Hi Ceri, just tested this,it tasted great,even though I used a ready made pancake I had in the cupboard,not gluten free,sorry !!! It was that good I might even add it to our breakfast menu in the restaurants.Grazie. Michael.


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