Review: Paleo Granola by The Paleo Foods Co.

Dinosaur Snacking from The Paleo Foods Co. 

Paleo Granola Samples from The Paleo Foods Co.

Paleo Granola Samples from The Paleo Foods Co (this is not their final packaging btw!)

Just a quick post today to tell you about some Paleo Granola I was sent to review from The Paleo Foods Co (their full website is coming soon).  All their granolas are suitable for the Paleo diet – which means they are grain free and therefore gluten free.  The ingredients used are a range of nuts, seeds, raw unpasturized honey to sweeten and coconut – no oats which are usually found in granola – plus of course the extra flavourings such as vanilla, dried fruit and cocoa. All highly nutritious ingredients. Woot.

The flavours I tried were;

  • Honey & Pecan
  • Berries
  • Cocoa

I ate all 3 samples on their own as a snack, one of which on a very long plane ride from London to the USA.  I had planned to keep back at least 1 sample for a nutritious breakfast along with some non-dairy milk or yoghurt and some berries (what a treat that would have been) – however the US immigration had other ideas!  I didn’t realise you can’t take nuts or seeds through security so I munched up the final packet waiting in the customs line for fear of having it confiscated (I wasn’t going to throw it away!)

The granola itself had the perfect level of sweetness.  I really struggle with foods that are too sweet as they send my blood sugar levels (and appetite) crazy.  I find this especially problematic at breakfast time which is why I usually choose to eat a meal that’s high in protein with fat plus veggies.  This granola didn’t noticeably have that effect on me, plus it was uber tasty. My only criticism was that by the time I came to eat the 2nd and 3rd packs, the granola has lost its crunch. Maybe that was to do with the way I’d stored it, would be interested to see it in its final packaging which is now available.

The granola would be a perfect breakfast partner for COYO coconut milk yoghurt, for dessert on top of fruit or a crumble, or just snacked straight out of the bag.

I’ve read about on the internet, and now seen in real life some USA brands tackling this idea so it really is fab to see a new start up company flying the flag for a clean eating product like this in the UK.  Great logo too guys!

The granola is currently available to buy on-line from Red 23

With thanks to The Paleo Foods Co for the Samples.  All opinions in this review are my own, I was not required to write a positive review.  


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