About Ceri

I live in London, I base all my recipes on natural ‘whole’ foods & I avoid gluten & refined sugar like the plague.Cerisml

I love that eating well makes you feel good.  Isn’t it amazing food can do that?

My diet template is loosely based on a modern version of paleo – don’t know what that is?  It doesn’t matter – I couldn’t care less and prefer to focus on the idea of good quality whole foods, prepared simply that nourish.

There are two reasons why this blog exists.  Firstly I love cooking.  Secondly I love to share and enthuse about healthy food.

The cooking bit:

My obsession with cooking developed whilst at university.  My early creations were nothing more than throwing together some pesto from a jar with some cheap pasta, but soon I came to relish in the task and the satisfaction of creating something for everyone to enjoy – especially in the weekly dinners my housemates and I would organise.   I spend far too much of my free time reading recipe books, scouring recipe blogs, eating out in ‘healthier restaurants’ and watching cooking programmes in order to gain inspiration for my own kitchen.   Cooking is meditation for me.  When I’m in the kitchen cooking up a storm I think of nothing else but the task in hand – the whole world and my chattering brain are cast aside.  Sometimes I feel overwhelmed at the amount of recipes that exist in the world.  At other times this excites me beyond all belief.

The healthy food bit:

I have been interested in healthy eating since my early twenties when I finally decided to do something about the excess weight I had carried through my teenage and university years.  A year of restricted calories, a low-fat diet and lots of exercise resulted in a 2 stone weight loss.  I have maintained this since, albeit it with ups and downs.  Whilst the low-fat diet did in fact help me loose weight it didn’t exactly solve everything.  Lack of fat messed with my hormones, and my periods stopped for the best part of a year.  I was also permanently hungry, still had bad digestion, IBS and was constantly searching for the optimum diet.  Some years later In 2010 I was introduced to the word Paleo by the inspiring guys at Fitter Food.  To me every principle of it just seemed to make sense – except for the association with cavemen that is.  I’ve evolved a little since then, and as I’ve learned more about naturopathic nutrition I work to my own rules now.  Choosing whole foods isn’t a diet.  It’s about making choices for optimum health, which go way beyond your physique. Having lost both my parents to disease at a hideously young age – for me this is now more important than ever.

In 2012 I obtained a Certificate of Introductory Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, UK) and in 2013 added 2 stints on their Cooking for Health course.  I just loved learning how foods can be health supportive.  Eating well and adding the right foods here and there can help cure disease – in my eyes that’s pretty cool.

My aim with this blog is to merge creative and tasty healthy recipes, with a dose of naturopathy and witty stories of my life and cooking inspirations.  What started out as a little recipe blog has become a huge hobby for me – researching recipes, sourcing ingredients, experimenting in the kitchen, learning about nutrition and becoming a bit of a wannabe food journo.  I enjoy every second I spend working on developing the blog and I hope you will enjoy the journey with me.

For updates you can also follow me on FacebookTwitter & my current favourite – Instagram

My Foodie & Nutrition Qualifications:

  • College of Naturopathic Medicine – 2 terms in Cooking for health (2013)
  • College of Naturopathic Medicine – Certificate in nutrition for everyday living (2012)
  • Ashburton Cookery School:  Intermediate cookery week certificate (2012)
  • The Gourmet Raw Food School:  1 day course in introduction to raw foods (2012)

12 thoughts on “About Ceri

  1. Kate

    Hello Ceri!

    Gem just showed me your website…is amazing!! Will be trying out the recipes v soon!!

    Kate xx

    1. Ceri @CucinaCeri Post author

      Thanks so much Tarja, it’s always great to hear from loyal readers of my blog. I am unable to participate in this – but thanks so much for the mention. Happy no naughty cooking in 2013! Ceri

  2. Aisha

    You’re amazing and your blog is just as amazing. There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes from cooking healthy food that tastes good, kinda like you’re refueling your mind and body. You’ve just gained a loyal follower, thank you for sharing a piece of your food knowledge.

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  4. Trish

    Hi Ceri, I’m new to your blog and looking forward to reading your posts as I’m struggling to find the right ‘diet’. I have Crohn’s disease, I’ve also been diagnosed with small intestinal bacteria overgrowth. I have an intolerance to lactose, fructose, glucose and sorbitol. I need to change my diet but not sure how and I think you’ve got a good philosophy and interesting recipes, trying the celeriac chips tonight.

    1. Ceri @Natural Kitchen Adventures Post author

      Hi Trish, welcome along! Thanks for dropping me a line. I too was diagnosed with SIBO late last year, so most of the recipes I’ve posted since January should be suitable for you. Avoiding FODMAP types of veggies is a good start (no garlic 😦 ) good luck with the journey and any questions please ask!


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