Eating Out Healthy(ish)

I love London.  It’s a foodies paradise, and I feel privileged that I have so much on my doorstep.   I love its, restaurants, cafe’s, shops, markets, diversity, individuality and all the people that populate it.  I also love that healthy, good quality food options are readily available, and truly believe that it’s possible to enjoy a meal out, whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

I love to cook and usually prefer to eat my own food for normal daily life, but since my social life does tend to evolve around meeting friends out for dinner, and because I’m often having to buy food on the hoof as part of my job this requires me to be confident to navigating my way around a restaurant menu.  I never feel ashamed to ask a waiter to amend my order – you are paying for it after all.  Extra salad vs chips?  In my world the extra salad always wins.   You usually aren’t charged any extra for amending orders (this has only ever happened to me once).  If you always choose the chips, and are horrified that I prefer salad then good for you, acknowledge that we are all different and look away now!

On this page – a simple gallery I’ll be sharing with you some places I’ve enjoyed a good meal in London and beyond.  I hope it will give you some ideas.




Out of London

For further ideas check out this great list compiled by London Paleo Kitchen


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