Recipe Index

I’ve split my recipes up into various categories.   Click on the recipe title for a link to the recipe post.  All recipes are Gluten & Dairy-Free (unless mentioned below)

I’ve put a star next to a selection of my current favourite recipes, which I may change this from time to time!



Main Courses

Slow cooker favourites

One-pot stews & Curries 


Protein Mains

Pasta & Grain substitutes


Substantial Salads

Finger Food



Puddings & sweet treats

Cupcakes, Brownies & Muffins

Large Cakes & loafs




Fitness Food

I ran the London Marathon in April 2011.  In fact I enjoyed writing a blog about Marathon running so much, that I decided I just had to keep a blog afterwards – hence Cucina Ceri was born.  I experimented a lot with marathon nutrition throughout my training and here are links to 2 of the key recipes I used as part of my training – both with the aim of being as un-processed and natural as possible;

General Musings and Reviews 

I the last year I have attended a number of events & courses – in part for me to develop as a person, but also for the benefit of the blog.  A link to my reviews of all of these are below;


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